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ropa consulting GmbH offers its services across all branches; particularly for SME’s (Small / Medium Enterprises) who do not have the necessary resources to employ a full-time CFO/Finance Director. We offer our services as a consultant or an outsource-partner, according to the client’s requirements.

Our customers can expect the same levels of engagement and support in all finance and strategic departments they would receive from an in-house CFO/Finance Director. However, the added advantage would be in only using resources when the support is necessary.

We offer services in areas of strategic finance management, process optimization, risk management, internal control systems, change-management, support around corporate governance, consulting in corporate finance and in all aspects of  Controlling / Finance Director functions.

We also support our clients in various accounting and financial structuring areas at times of company founding, restructuring as well as buying, selling or merging of companies.  Additionally we provide support for all accounting according to OR, Swiss GAAP Fer and IFRS. We also cover various requirements concerning Human Resources and Social Security.

  • Support in strategic business planning
  • Establishing Business plans
  • Finance and liquidity planning
  • Environment, competition and trend analysis
  • Process analysis and development of process optimizations
  • Support in Change Management
  • Compliance and Corporate Governance
  • Support in various Corporate Finance areas
  • Due Diligence support
  • Auditing support
  • Risk Management
  • Implementation and maintenance of Internal Control Systems (ICS)
  • Implementation and maintenance of instructions for Risk Management
  • Support in the definition of key controls and control frequency for any Change Management processes
  • Implementation, maintenance and regular establishment of Risk Management Reporting
  • Controlling tasks to achieve defined key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Support of ad-hoc financial projects
  • Accounting according to OR, Swiss GAAP Fer or IFRS
  • Management of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable / management of sub-ledgers
  • Establishing planning accounts (Budgeting and Liquidity planning)
  • Corporate Consolidation
  • Creating VAT statements
  • Creating monthly/quarterly/yearly account statements
  • Support with the annual/year-end audit
  • Investment calculation and investment planning in the context of corporate strategy
  • Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash Flow analysis
  • Management Reporting
  • Support in purchasing negotiation and cost-pooling
  • Company valuations
  • Consulting in the following areas: VAT, Taxes, Income, Asset and Social insurance/security
  • Consulting and contribution to the founding, transformations and liquidations of private and capital/stock companies
  • Correspondence with the responsible stakeholder (commercial/trade register, notary, tax office, etc.)

Private (non-self-employed, incl. individual companies/enterprises)

  • Tax return/declaration Switzerland
  • Tax planning and optimization
  • Verification of tax assessment and tax declaration
  • Tax objection and appeal as well as representation in front of tax authorities
  • General tax consulting, incl. double taxation and property tax gains


  • Tax return/declaration Switzerland
  • Verification of tax assessment and tax declaration
  • Tax objection and appeal as well as representation to tax authorities
  • Reclames on prepaid taxes and foreign source taxes, including double-taxation
  • Tax consulting with the annual audit and associated tax optimization
  • General tax consulting
  • Specific tax consulting (VAT, property gain, anticipatory, stamp duty and social security)
  • Consulting and clarification of tax implications after company formation, transformations, relocations, capital change, restructuring, company merging, liquidations, inheritance, donations
  • Payroll accounting
  • Statements and declarations of social security and source taxes
  • Representation and contact with the social security and source tax authorities
  • Consulting in Recruitment
  • Consulting in staff development and motivation
  • Development of management tools (qualification and salary systems)
  • Creating employment contracts, employee regulations, references etc.
  • Consulting in job interviews and exit interviews
  • Development of any severance schemes
  • Technical consulting in labor law and social security incl. pension scheme
  • Consulting in national and international social security and source taxes
  • Consulting regarding salary statement
  • Consulting and support regarding pension fund adjustment or change

About ropa consulting

ropa consulting GmbH was established in 2014 and serves clients from various branches such as Healthcare, Services as well as the Construction industry.

Our strategic focus lies in finance technical consulting to our clients, in which we are able to incorporate important strategic questions and market development.

We directly represent our customers in all aspects of the day-to-day business of accounting, HR and taxes.

What makes us stand out:

  • An excellent network and market-specific expertise
  • We embrace industry trends and incorporate any advances and efficiencies into our client strategies
  • We work closely with our clients and consistently offer a flexible and cost-effective service.

References may be given on request as confidential material. Please contact us.



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